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I used to be a full-time wedding photographer. I started my business a year after graduating from college, and five years later I retire the business proud to say that I not only achieved five-star reviews and enough income to survive the San Francisco Bay Area lifestyle, but I also loved my clients and my job, and am entirely grateful for the experience. 


Here a few ways I connected with my clients.

Above is my "About Me." Below is the pamphlet I sent out to inquiring clients. While the pamphlet served mainly as a pricing guide,  I wanted clients to get a sense of who I was as a person so that the clients could decide whether or not we were a good fit. I also wanted my clients to believe that if they were to hire me, they would be in reliable and safe hands. They would not only receive attentive customer service, but a considerate and compassionate presence on their wedding day, and thoughtfully shot, curated, and edited photos taken by someone emotionally invested in their momentous event.

My email offered collaboration, flexibility, transparency, and empathy for the often stressful wedding photographer search. The first example was sent when I had the time to meet clients in-person (pre-COVID times). The second example was sent when my time was limited, and includes a mini questionnaire instead. My exclamation mark and smiley face usage mirrors my client's behavior. I am not often this jovial without a specific reason.

Hello ________,


Congratulations on your engagement! Thanks so much for reaching out, I'm honored that you're interested in my photography. I am currently available on <<date>> for your wedding, and I'm excited to speak with you about your engagement and wedding photography!


My wedding catalog is attached for you to look over. All collections are completely customizable, so if you have any specific needs/requests, please feel free to share and I'm happy to create a custom quote for you. Along with photography, my services also include venue visits (to make sure important moments of your day are in photogenic light/scenery), and any itinerary consultation needed (to make sure the photography side of your day is as stress-free and enjoyable as possible).


Making sure you are 100% confident in your wedding photographer choice is really important to me, so I'm happy discuss anything regarding your wedding photography. Would you be interested in speaking more over coffee/tea, video chat, or the phone so we can chat about your wedding photography expectations, and my general photography process? 


Thank you again for reaching out! Looking forward to hearing back from you, and please don't hesitate to send me any ideas or questions you might have!

All the best,


Hi ________!


Thanks so much for reaching out, and congratulations on your engagement! I am currently available on <<date>> and would love to talk to you more about your wedding and my photography.


I've attached my wedding information to this email. Everything is completely customizable, so if you have a specific budget or ideas, please feel free to share and I'm happy to create a custom quote for you. All packages include high resolution images, an online gallery, and any consultation you might need throughout your wedding planning.


If you don't mind sharing details about your wedding, may I ask where your venue will be and how many guests you're expecting? That way I can send you sample galleries similar to your wedding so you can see how I might capture your wedding. 


I'd also love to learn more about you and <<partner's name>>, if you could answer these quick questions:

1) What's your story in a nutshell? (How you met, what you enjoy doing together, your passions, etc.)

2) What kind of atmosphere do you imagine having on your special day? (playful, romantic, casual, centered on you, centered on family/mates, etc.) 

3) Will there be any unique aspects at your wedding I should know about?

4) What attracted you to my work?


I'm happy to talk over the phone or video chat if it's easier for you to share your vision for your wedding day! Just let me know. And please feel free to share any questions you might have for me as well! (: 


Congratulations again, and looking forward to hearing back from you!




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