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LIVE MUSIC SESSION A LA JEFF ROSENSTOCK: Before I wanted to be a writer, photographer, documentary filmmaker, pediatrician, or cupcake bakery owner (the shop would have been called Kristine's Cannabis Cupcakes), all I wanted to do was work on live music sets. I am so grateful that amidst 2020's horrors, this opportunity came around, and I got to work with Jeff, his band, Jack from Atomic Garden, and a couple cool videographer kids I call friends. (We also filmed their musical guest spot for Late Night. It was wild seeing our video introduced by Seth Meyers and with the NBC Peacock emblem on it. Sadly the video is no longer live, otherwise it would have been here.)

THE DODOS OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO: I love The Dodos and Polyvinyl Record Co.  and would happily hike Grizzly Peak at 5 A.M. through heavy fog and biting heat with this crew again.

WEDDING HIGHLIGHT: Shot, directed, and edited by me.

INTERNAL RECRUITMENT VIDEO: CNA Financial's internal recruitment video, shot and edited by me, with direction from CNA Financial's marketing team.

WEDDING HIGHLIGHT: Shot, edited, and directed by me

PROMO VIDEO FT. ALUMNI AND ARCHIVAL PHOTOS: Northeastern University alumni interview with archival footage shot and edited by me, with coordination from the university marketing director.

LIVE MUSIC SESSION CIRCA THE COLLEGE DAYS: The type of music video college kids (my friends/colleagues and I) produce when the university severely defunds our studio's funding. But we love music and video so we make it work as well as we can with the knowledge and tools we have.

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